Garmin echoMAP 73sv Review

New for 2015 is the Garmin echoMAP 73sv fish finder/chartplotter. The unit comes with the power/data cable, a quick-release and flush mounts, a protecting cover, the GT 40-TM, 12-pin transducer, all of the essential and an owner’s manual. The quick-release mount is unique to Garmin and facilitates anglers to completely set up the swivel mount and cable. The fish finder then effortlessly snaps onto or out of the mount for fast elimination with out having to fear about plugging and unplugging finder

The unit features utilizing 500 watts of power, which is extra than sufficient juice to produce the high quality pictures anglers have come to affiliate with Garmin products. The massive 7-inch display shows pictures in 480 x 800 pixel decision having a handy 16:9 element ratio. The controls are clearly marked and comparable to the 50s collection models. The energy on/off button additionally controls backlighting when needed. The select, domestic and mark buttons accompany zoom in/out and four-way toggle function.

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Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS

fish finderIn November Humminbird launched a new collection of fishfinders – Helix 5. The models function a brilliant, extra-wide, 480 x 800 decision screen that depicts 256-colors on a 5-inch display comprehensive with backlighting that ensures clear, crisp pictures in all varieties of lighting circumstances day and night. The new screen is fundamentally the leading innovation in the Helix series, the transducers and the software program are borrowed from the predecessors – 800 and 600 series. The familiar, massive digits that furnish water temperature, depth and vessel velocity take up a lot of the screen actual estate. There there a number of diverse variations in the Helix 5 collection ranging from the sonar-only unit to the side-imager with GPS.

Helix 5 SI GPS is fundamentally a scaled down variation of the 7 inch 899 model. The leading distinction is the measurement of the display. The inner GPS appears to be somewhat improved and it offers extra exact situation readings in contrast to the older models. In addition to chart-plotting, the unit comes preloaded with UniMap cartography and a micro SD slot for further map software program or for the choice of saving waypoints. The UniMap offers 3D charts for inland lakes,

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rivers and the contiguous U.S. coastline. Charts are displayed in detailed, colour topography. The unit itself has storage capability for up to 2,500 waypoints or forty five particular routes. The Helix 5 GPS is additionally suitable with AutoChart, AutoChart Pro, HotMap, LakeMaster and Navionics Gold.

Helix 5 requires 10 to 20 volts DC. The unit turns this juice into an common of 500 watts of sonar energy with peak-to-peak output of 4,000 watts. The 2D sonar penetrates as far as 1,500 ft down by sending out a 200 kHz sonar wave in a 20 diploma cone shape. Using this slender beam, the width of the picture will be simply one-third the depth being reached. For example, an picture displaying the terrain at a 24 ft depth will solely cowl eight feet. The unit additionally enables 2D sonar with an eighty three kHz beam that encompasses 60 degrees. This mode permits an picture that’s as broad as it is deep. The trade-off is that it creates a lower-resolution view. It’s potential to run equally frequencies concurrently for greater results. Additionally, the Quadrabeam Plus function provides a full 90-degree enviornment of coverage. Helix 5 additionally offers down imaging and facet imaging excessive frequency sonar. Using facet image, it offers a side-to-side, 180-degree perspective of the sub-aquatic terrain up to 480 ft in width on both facet of the boat at the optimum depth of one hundred feet. This is completed with twin sonar pulses working at 455 kHz.

The adjustable SwitchFire Sonar comes with Clear and Max Modes. Use Clear when looking for bait, college and recreation fish. Clear mode produces clearer pictures whereas filtering weaker signals, particles and silt disturbances. Max mode works for seeing bait and recreation fish, zoo plank populations, herbal and man-made buildings and thermoclines. Using this feature, anglers additionally have the possibility to view jig motion onscreen. Switchfire additionally offers color-coding to exhibit which objects are closest to the boat. For instance, near-by gadgets would show up orange whereas distant gadgets would be coloured blue. This function has the choice of altering the colour scheme to in good shape diverse conditions like nighttime or overcast days.

The Helix 5 general measures 7.55″W x 6.64″H x 3.3″D. The transducer has the normal 200/83/455 kHz frequencies. Head unit mounting choices contain in-dash or gimbal mount. User-friendly buttons on the face of the unit furnish up/down, right/left viewing, zoom-in and zoom-out functions, goto, mark, menu and exit options. The unit comes with a energy cord, the mounting bracket, a transom mount transducer and the owner’s manual.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5PRO Review

Dragonfly 5PRO is Raymarine’s newest providing and it comes with all types of bells and whistles such as CHIRP sonar. CHIRP is a broad spectrum sonar technology. It primarily means extra alerts are emitted into the water, ensuing in greater element coming again to the unit. The conclusion outcome is greater readability to assist you distinguish what you are seeing. The new Dragonfly employs dual-channel sonar to convey you the ideal of equally worlds. You get the benefit of a broad spectrum channel for greater imaging of terrain mixed with a conical channel that works to determine the fish.
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DownVision Technology
The down imaging on the 5PRO is exact at depths reaching 160ft and the pictures it pulls present photo-like clarity. The key to this superior sonar technologies is the use of a number of frequencies. The gain of using a number of frequencies instead than a single frequency is that with every pulse the transmission goes throughout a wider spectrum which outcome in greater pictures that are simpler for you to interpret.

Integrated Wi-Fi
Raymarine provides their WiFish cellular app to seamlessly join your fishfinder to your smartphone or tablet. Practically, this means you and your fishing companion don’t want to jockey for the ideal view of the screen, simply join and you can see it correct on your cellular device. This app additionally makes it simple to rewind and seize finder

The display is somewhat smaller than the unique Dragonfly (5in vs 5.7in) however it has the identical decision – 480 x 800. The Dragonfly has built-in optical bonding on its LCD display. In the previous this function was solely accessible on excessive conclusion marine devices, however Raymarine has lately built-in it into all their Dragonfly models. What this means to you is brighter colours and sharper contrast. On the water these are characteristics that truly make a difference. The Dragonfly will additionally by no means fog up.

There are three diverse fashions in the 5inch Dragonfly series. 5PRO is gps/fishfinder combo, 5M is a chartplotter only, 5DVS is standalone fishfinder. When you purchase the 5PRO or 5M you can choose from Jeppsesn’s C-MAP, Navionics, or Raymarines possess LightHouse maps and charts.

When you choose to make investments in a fishfinder you need to know you are placing your hard-earned cash into a product that will deliver. With its cutting-edge technologies and nearly a century of experience, Raymarine is an business chief that you can belif to furnish expert grade, cutting-edge sonar technology.

Garmin echoMap 43dv

fish finderechoMAP 43dv is the new addition to the Garmin’s developing line-up of sonar products. Upon opening the box, anglers discover the head unit, the energy and knowledge cable, the quick-release mount, GT20-TM/4-pin transducer, a trolling motor mount and all of the essential mounting in addition to the manual.

Affordable and compact, the unit has lots of energy and characteristics that capably improve any angler’s capability to discover the fish in refreshing or salt water. The high-contrast colour screen has adjustable backlighting, and when mixed with the swivel mount, ensures that pictures stay viewable regardless of environmental mild conditions. The 4.3-inch display shows pictures in 480 x 272 pixel resolution. The keypad manage buttons are self-explanatory and clearly marked for energy on/off, select, domestic and mark alongside with zoom in/out, again and four-way course function. fish finder reviews

Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Review

The Dragonfly 7 Sonar GPS is a fishfinder that delivers special and clear photograph like pictures of all objects, structures, fish and pictures under the water surface. It makes use of CHIRP down imaginative and prescient and shows the pictures on a 7 inch screen.

Manufactured by Raymarine marine electronics, Dragonfly 7 has twin channel CHIRP imaginative and prescient that facilitates you to discover goal fish like by no means before.

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Key Features of the Raymarine Dragonfly 7

CHIRP technologies is one of the excellent characteristics of the Dragonfly 7. It enables transmission of a broad spectrum of frequencies which outcome in clear images.

The Dragonfly 7 has a trackback function that shops search historical past and therefore facilitates simple retrace of waypoints. You do not want to manually retrace your steps in the waters. This saves your time and fuel.

Sonar GPS, which is in-built, is a key function that enables ease of navigation via the waters.

Micro SD slot for media storage; this is the place you can insert your map playing cards that will help you in your navigation. It has Navionics silver and gold and Hotmaps which are suitable with media SD.

Other SPECs of the Dragonfly 7 Fishfinder

It is special in that whereas others use a single frequency for every pulse, it makes use of CHIRP technologies and transmits a broad spectrum of frequencies which outcome to spectacularly clear and lifelike images.

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 weighs 5 kilos and measures 12 x 10 x 6 inches in three dimensions.


For enhanced performance; Dragonfly 7 has a comprehensive Raymarine unique CPT-60 transom mount transducer. The transducer is a twin factor and is provided with the package.


All pictures are displayed on a excessive decision display of 640 x 480 pixels. The display makes use of LED technologies that enables it to be seen even in sunny conditions. With full color, dragonfly produces clear and colourful images.


Powerful does not completely describe it, Raymarine Dragonfly 7 transmits throughout a very broad variety of frequencies accounting for every pulse, making it very powerful.


If you like relocating your fishfinder from one place to another, you will want to set apart a few minutes of taking away it from your boat. This means that the gadget is completely portable.

Ease of Usage

Using this fishfinder is as simple as utilizing your phone, this is simply because all the controls are easy and you do not want to attend a lesson to get accustomed to utilizing it.

Comparison With the Raymarine Dragonfly Gold Fishfinder

Both fishfinders use twin channel CHIRP technologies to discover goal fish and buildings beneath the boat. However, the dragonfly 7 shows the pictures on a 7 inch display whereas the Dragonfly Gold fishfinder shows the pictures on a 5.7 inch screen.

Several characteristics of equally fishfinders are very similar; however, the Dragonfly Gold fishfinder is cheaper than its bigger cousin, the Dragonfly 7.

Check out and examine our different fishfinder fashions here. The full interactive chart might additionally be seen here.


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Enjoy Crystal Clear Images – With Dragonfly 7, you will take pleasure in clear pictures since it makes use of sonar technology, which combines a broad spectrum of frequencies ensuing in detailed and crystal clear images. You will clearly differentiate between goal fish, predator fish, wrecks and different structures.

Fully Packaged – This fishfinder comes completely packaged with every thing you want to get started. You will anticipate to find; dragonfly 7 fishfinder, bracket, transom mount transducer, energy cable and a user’s manual.

Easy to Use – The Dragonfly 7 is very simple to use; aside from the set up course of which might require somebody acquainted with their setup, as soon as installed, you are good to go.

Multi-Languages – This fishfinder is accessible in a number of languages which imply you do not have to fear wherever you are. The user’s guide is additionally accessible in a number of languages.

All Weather Use -Dragonfly 7 has a LED function backlight that makes it potential to clearly see the display in sunny conditions. This makes your fish hunt limitless to weather.


Short Cable – The cable is one of the components that are packaged with the dragonfly. If you have a massive boat, the cable is a bit brief which means that you will be required to acquire an extension cable which is an added cost. However with small boats, the cable is sufficiently lengthy sufficient to go well with your fishing finder reviews

Shipping – Another setback is the truth that the merchandise can solely be shipped inside US currently, perhaps with time delivery will be accessible to the relaxation of the world.

Final Verdict

The Raymarine Dragonfly 7 delivers unmatched readability of underwater pictures and makes them life like images. At its price, this merchandise might sway some potential buyers, as it is in the greater conclusion spectrum of the pricing range. However, for the characteristics and readability of pictures this mannequin guarantees, you will definitely get your moneys worth.

The suggestions we have acquired for the Dragonfly 7 is not brief of plaudits, and has had many consumers smiling. It is a long lasting piece of fishing gear and one we would strongly advocate you contain in your fishing arsenal. For some beginner anglers, this might be too much, that’s understandable, nevertheless if you think about your self a critical fisherman, we strongly advocate you think about the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 fishfinder for your boat.

Raymarine Dragonfly Gold Review

The Raymarine Dragonfly is a fishfinder that comes with clear pulse chirp sonar and a two channel transducer that mechanically reveals fish and all underwater buildings in a clear manner.

Created by Raymarine Marine Electronics, Dragonfly fishfinder makes use of equally Raymarine unique down imaginative and prescient sonar as properly as typical sonar to make sure optimum visibility. Dragonfly Fishfinder weighs 4.6 kilos and measures 14 x 10 x 5 inches.

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Key Features of the Raymarine Dragonfly Fishfinder

It has a trackback function that enables storage of waypoints. This function saves the consumer time, gasoline and agony of retracing numerous points.

It has an inbuilt 50 channel GPS that is made utilizing quick acquisition technologies to make sure added confidence whereas navigating.

A micro SD card slot the place you can insert numerous map charts, it is very vital as it acts as a unit of knowledge storage. Quick launch swivel bracket is additionally included.


The Dragonfly fishfinder makes use of a two channel transducer which is a bit large and works completely well. It is really resilient and will proceed working even after banging a number of times. It is a transom mount transducer.


The decision of the screen is attractive; 640 x 480 pixels and makes use of LED backlight making it viewable even in sunny conditions. The display diagonally measures 5.7 inches, and full color. It offers pictures of unmatched clarity.


The Dragonfly fishfinder is very powerful; this is simply because it makes use of an complete spectrum of frequencies equally excessive and low and creates absolute clarity.


The gadget is portable, however, it is very laborious to maintain taking away it and re-installing it. Therefore, it is advisable simply depart it on the mount offered it is safe.

Ease of Usage

Dragonfly is amongst the simplest to use fishfinder you can come across. Apart from the set up half that you might want a expert hand, the relaxation is as simple as utilizing a phone.

Comparison With the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Fishfinder

One of leading distinction between the Raymarine Dragonfly Gold and the Raymarine Dragonfly 7 is the cost. With the latter costing a third extra than the other.

While equally of them use twin channel CHIRP sonar for imaging, Dragonfly with Navionics gold shows pictures on a 5.7 inch display whereas dragonfly fishfinder 7 shows pictures on 7 inch display (The identify speaks for itself).

Most of the key characteristics of equally fishfinders are nearly the identical aside from a few variances. The Dragonfly fishfinder with Navionics gold nevertheless is a lot lighter as it weighs 4.6 kilos whereas the latter weighs 5 pounds. This in half is due to the bigger sized screen.

You can discover different comparisons with comparable mannequin fishfinders or by going to the Fish Finder Reviews homepage. Alternatively our interactive chart the following will additionally permit you to filter via a massive quantity of Fish Finders to discover extra info on different models.


Clarity at Its Best – The Dragonfly combines a broad spectrum of frequencies and therefore produces pictures of astonishing clarity. You will clearly see all varieties of fish, buildings and wrecks that are beneath the floor of water.
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Easy to Use – Once installed, the Dragonfly fishfinder with Navionics gold proves totally easy to use and you will turn out to be accustomed to it inside the first few minutes, you do not want to attend any lesson to get to know how it works. The fast launch swivel bracket is simple to set up and enables the adjustment of the fishfinder to any angle.

Several Languages – You do not want to fear about our language if you want to use Raymarine fishfinder with Navionics gold. This is simply because the guide is properly written in thirteen diverse and most generally used languages worldwide. Therefore, regardless of your location or language, you will completely study how to use it.

All Weather Use – The display has a LED backlight that makes it effortlessly seen throughout sunny conditions. Enjoy your fish hunt and don’t pause merely simply because the daylight is obstructing you from the screen.

Safe to Use – With this fishfinder, you will not have to fear about it getting damaged; this is simply because it has a safe practices function that enables a fast launch in case you hit an object unintentionally. It breaks away and pops up after which you can effortlessly return it into its position.

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Manual is too quick – and pre-emptily assumes that the customers will work via the display and discover some characteristics on their own. It would be a sensible concept if Raymarine Electronics made accessible a detailed guide for this fishfinder.

Our Verdict

Generally, the benefits of this fishfinder far outweigh the disadvantages. The solely potential stumbling block might be the worth for some beginner anglers. However if you take your fishing seriously, the worth of this fishfinder shouldn’t put you off as there are nonetheless many different fashions out there that are a lot extra expensive.

The suggestions we have acquired from clients that have bought the Raymarine Dragonfly has been really positive. (We are but to hear from a disgruntled owner.) The consumer scores are additionally very high, indicating that you will most probably not be dissatisfied by this exact fishfinder model. Definitely one for all anglers out there, not simply the experts.

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